Hi , your call-me-back is ready for action!
Promoting your call-me-back
Use your new call-me-back tool to start getting new leads both online and offline and see your business grow
See your calendar in action by clicking on any of the promotional material provided below
There are many ways to activate your call-me-back calendar.
Below are a few ways in which you can start promoting your calendar:
1. QR code scanning
Use your unique QR code provided on the right to generate leads from customers using their mobile phones. You can promote your QR code in many ways, for example:
  • In your print advertising
  • On your business card
  • On your printed flyers
  • As a sticker on your vehicle
  • Or anywhere someone will see it and be able to scan it

2. Email signature
Copy and paste the email banner (with hyperlink) into your existing email signature and generate leads when sending emails to existing and new customers
3. Website button
Copy and paste the website button in any of your existing websites or online platforms

4. Basic web link
Copy and paste the link below and use it in any of your communication or promotions, example send link on your Twitter, SMS, Online advertising campaigns etc.

Managing your bookings
When a potential customer makes a call-me-back booking online, you will receive an email notification.
You can then log into your bookings admin account online to view, accept, reject and update your bookings and also edit your account settings
You can log on using the following:

Administration panel: http://admin.yellowleads.co.za/
Username: KeyAccountsJHB
Password: Password
For all technical support queries, please email us at scheduler@leadsmachine.co.za
The Leads Machine team